Burial and Crematory Services

Where 40,000 angels gather.

Our Philosophy

Sea Breeze Pet Memorial Park was founded in 1961.   Our Mission is to provide compassionate and respectful burial site for family pets.  In 1985, we added cremation services.   We are the only facility in Orange County and Los Angeles County to have a state-of-the-art crematory facility onsite in conjunction with a 3 acre cemetery dedicated to our beloved pets.  Our guiding philosophy is to insure the kind, compassionate treatment and handling of your pet whichever form of remembrance you choose for them.  All our cremations are done individually and on site.  This insures that the cremains returned to you are your pet’s and have not been commingled with other pets.

Individual Cremation

At Sea Breeze Pet Memorial Park, all pets are cremated individually.  Your pet and its cremains will not be mixed with any other animals.  Because we operate our own state of the art cremation equipment on site, you can be assured that each pet is handled individually with care and compassion.  Our thoughtful staff treats your pet with care and respect throughout the entire process.

The cremains will be returned to the owner along with an individual paw print and no additional charge.  If you wish, your pet may be interred in our Cremation Gardens on the grounds of Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery.

We also offer a special selection of urns for your pet’s cremains.


Sea Breeze Pet Memorial Park is the only pet cemetery in Orange County, CA.  Sea Breeze was established in 1961 and remains a family owned cemetery devoted to providing care and respect to our pets and owners. Our burial plots can accommodate up to five pets from your family depending on the type of pet.  With an onsite chapel, we offer private viewing prior to internment.  We offer full body burial with a variety of caskets as well as burials of cremains.

Support Services

Sea Breeze Pet Memorial Park recognizes that you may need additional support services in the handling of your deceased pet.  We are available to receive your pet at our office for either burial or cremation.


We can make arrangements with your veterinarian to transport your pet to Sea Breeze if you wish.  We also provide for an in-home pick up service.

Home Euthanasia

In conjunction with licensed veterinarians in home euthanasia can be provided along with delivery to Sea Breeze Pet Memorial Park.

In Memoriam

We offer the opportunity to provide a written tribute and memorial to your beloved pet.  Periodically we will publish the written memorials from our clients.