Memorial Supplies

Where 40,000 angels gather.


Interment or Take Home

We have many different styles and sizes of urns from which you may choose. Cremations are done on an individual basis and the remains may be taken home in an urn or interred on our grounds.

  • Cremated remains are returned in approximately one week.
  • Owner can arrange for a private viewing for a fee. Owner should contact Sea Breeze directly to arrange an appointment.
  • Custom Brass Nameplate available.
Oak Picture Urn

Our beautiful oak urn is designed for pet owners who wish to display their favorite 4”x 6” photographs. This urn style is crafted from beautiful composite wood creating a truly lasting memorial to your beloved friend. With easy front access, your favorite photo can be placed behind the acrylic window without ever having to open the urn. Available in Oak, Walnut, and Cherry woods.

Going Home Urn

Our Going Home Pet Urn is hand engraved from copper and brass, then silvered to create an elegant, loving memory. Each urn depicts birds with open wings, which can be reminiscent of our loved one’s departure or the ascension into the next phase of life. Due to the handcrafted nature of this vessel, no two urns are exactly alike.

Paw Print Vase Urn

Paw Print Vase series urn. Honor the precious memory of your beloved pet knowing that your best friend is still close by in this elegant, hand-forged work of art. The tasteful Brass urn fit discreetly into any décor, and the hand-carved paw prints offer a fitting tribute to the impression the pet made on your life. Made from solid brass with a secure screw-top lid, this memorial is designed to last a lifetime. Available in Brass, Raku, Pewter and Slate.

Cedar Chest Urn

This basic chest style urn is made from colorful aromatic cedar.  The nature of this wood means that each one is a little bit different and of course it has that distinctive cedar smell.  The exterior mounted hardware is brass color.

Pagoda Small Pet Urn

Our Onyx Pagoda Small Pet Urn is handcrafted from the finest cast alloy and is a wonderful final resting place for your loved pet. An alloy trim below the glossy lid helps to contrast the color. Available in Slate, Magenta, and Onyx.

Cat Only Urn

This beautiful cat cremation urn is featuring silhouettes of cats playfully posed around the urn. Each of the cast silhouettes are created by an etching process and the urn is painted with rich shale paint and features a threaded lid for a secure closure. Available in Sienna, Fern and Country Blue.

Cozy Cat Urn

Handcrafted resin cat cremation urn in a unique, sable or dark brown tabby color. A wonderful memorial urn for your beloved cat that can be placed anywhere in the house. Lying or sitting position. A threaded plug on the bottom ensures place for the cremated ashes.

Custom Brass Nameplate

Brass nameplates are available.

Grave Markers


Sea Breeze Pet Memorial Park (Sea Breeze) has been providing dignified pet burials on their 3 acre site in Huntington Beach since 1961. Since creation, Sea Breeze has interred approximately 40,000 beloved pets, including those pets belonging to local luminaries as John & Pilar Wayne, Karen & Richard Carpenter and Jose Feliciano. The law enforcement agencies in Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles County have also used Sea Breeze as the final resting place for numerous member of their canine family.

Granite Headstones

Personalize your pet’s headstone using your own photo or silhouette, or select from our catalog. Different fonts and borders styles are available. Black, red, gray granite.


Floral Tributes

We have a wide variety of silk flowers available for you to choose.  Flower Containers are available for placing flowers at the graveside.