Advocacy for Animal Rescue

Where 40,000 angels gather.

We are an organization that supports and advocates for animal welfare, animal rescues, animal shelters, and animal rights groups. We seek to raise awareness within our communities. We should work towards a future where all animal owners are responsible, and no longer have to make the choice to put down animals due to the lack of space and resources. We also strongly believe in the spaying and neutering of pets as well as humane population control such as TNR to help reduce the number of homeless animals.

To show our commitment to this cause, for each beloved pet using our facility we will contribute up to $5 in matching funds from the pet’s owner to an animal rescue facility of the owner’s choosing.

Sea Breeze Pet Memorial Park is dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned dogs and cats from overcrowded animal control facilities throughout Southern California and in reaction shall be sponsoring two semi-annual pet adoption events at their Huntington Beach California location. The adoption events allow our adopters to meet adoptable dogs and cats and choose the perfect dog or cat. Also available at these events will be dog trainers and veterinarians to assist the new pet owners on proper training and/or nutrition for their new best friend or friends.